Two days to go. Eeeek.

Very exciting times in the Bakeylicious kitchens.  We shall be opening for business on Friday 1st February and you’ve heard it here first.

We’ve been ever so busy, and still have a few little things to do – like sorting out the invoicing and finalising the Valentine Day collection and sorting out our opening offers but we have tomorrow to do that don’t we.

One of the things we have been busy with these last few days is choosing a logo.  We wanted something that was fun but could be elegant.  Something that reminds us how we started and spurs us on to be more creative every time we bake.  Something that we can play around with but will always be all about the cake.  We like it.

cakestand bakeylicious colour boopee photo

Hopefully you’ll be seeing it soon on some packaging near you.


Coming soon…

Giving birth to a business isn’t anything like giving birth to a baby, but I suppose there are some parallels that can be drawn.
Conception – having the idea and deciding to go for it.
The first trimester – thinking about it, planning for it, contemplating saying goodbye to one way of life and hello to another. Worrying constantly that you’ve done the right thing. Will it work? Will everything be okay?
The second trimester – the idea is well established, you’ve seen it’s heartbeat. You start telling people. You’re thinking of names and researching what you’ll need to do. You may even buy something. Some tool or piece of equipment that makes it real.
The third trimester – you really can’t hide it anymore. You are bursting with it. You’re making to do lists and counting down to the big day. Gathering everything you need, worrying, anticipating, wishing you could speed time up yet also wanting to freeze it when you remember something else that needs to be done.

I think we are at that border between the second and third trimester. (That stage when you don’t want to think about the actual birth yet.)

So *drum roll please* we’re having a cakey business. And it’s going to be called Bakeylicious.